Our Programs

We offer a variety of programs to treat the entire spectrum of issues facing professionals.

Our Team

Drs. David Greenberg and Michel Sucher
provide the best of care and supervision combined with years of leadership.


Answers to our clients most frequently-asked questions about our services.



Greenberg and Sucher have been helping all types of organizations and professionals with the full spectrum of substance use disorders and other professional health issues since 1994. Drs. Greenberg and Sucher are both certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine and are considered leaders in the field of professional health care and well-being. Together, they have over fifty years of experience in the treatment of addictions and other health-related issues.

Their clients include numerous regulatory agencies, hospitals, medical groups, public safety and law enforcement agencies, law firms, executives, family businesses and individuals.

Greenberg & Sucher work with a team of specialists including: Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Internal Medicine Physicians, Neurologists, Addiction Medicine Physicians and other medical disciplines.

Organization Names:
California Physician Health Program
California Professionals Health Program
Greenberg & Sucher, P.C.
Greenberg & Sucher of California, LLC
Post Treatment Supervision

Populations Served:
Law enforcements
Other safety sensitive occupations
Fire and EMS
Medical and other health professionals

Greenberg and Sucher work with a full range of issues, including:
Substance Abuse
Process Addictions
Psychiatric Issues
Boundary Issues
Chronic Pain
Medical issues
Sexual Misconduct
Age Related Issues

Services Include:
Evaluations and treatment, referral oversight and management
Fitness for Duty Evaluations and Forensic Assessments
Physician Health Programs
Post Treatment Monitoring
Working with Regulatory Agencies
Physician well-being consulting, training and management
Education and training services
Medical legal and expert witness services
Medical Review Officer
Consulting Services


Characteristics of Governance

We understand addiction is a disease and treat our clients with the utmost professional medical services. This applies to all aspects of our organization from correspondence (email/phone/letters) to marketing material and face-to-face interaction.

Clients often present in a profoundly negative state of mind with significant fears. It is our job to assure the client of the process, give them hope and inspire them to participate and be successful in the recovery process.

Protecting the confidentiality of our clients from the public whenever possible is a key principle of our organization. The majority of our clients are confidential from the public and we treat this confidentiality with the highest priority. We comply with all legal and statutory requirements.

While many organizations care only about public safety, we care about the health and well-being of our clients and the public's safety. We provide 24/7 access and support to our clients, they are never alone.

Addiction is a challenging disease. We must be cognizant of this in order to be successful at treating the disease. This means allowing for consequences and holding clients accountable for their actions. To be both supportive and firm is a key to our success. Too much of either without balance of both affects the trust between us and our clients.





To be a nationally recognized organization in the field of professional health by providing education, oversight and accountability programs; to be cutting edge in our approach and to advance the field of professional health through research, prevention and public awareness.



To serve the professional health community by providing support, direction, treatment and oversight for all professional health issues.

In Los Angeles
P.O. Box 9378
Laguna Beach, CA 92652
Toll free: 877-457-3111

In Arizona
P.O. Box 13600
Scottsdale, AZ 85267-3600
Toll free: 877-457-3111

Physical Address (Arizona)
8541 E. Anderson Drive, Suite 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85255